Software & Training

We offer 3D Printers (FDM) bundled with the best Slicer Software “Simplify3D” and offer monthly training for it.

Reproduction of Spares

for Classic Cars

Plastics Material and Add-On Products:

Filaments Made in Germany


3D-Module GmbH, Radolfzell

3D Printing - Our World!
Sales of 3D Printers,
3D Printing Services and Design Office

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Welcome to our homepage!

We are OEM authorized for Selling and Service of 3D printers of "German RepRap GmbH" and "Young Optics Europe" and Software Simplify3D. We offer Wears, Spares and Training.

Additionally we produce your products with our modern 3D printers in different plastics, rubber substitute and carbon.

You can find our Shop in the Middle of the beautiful city Radolfzell at Lake Constance, in the South West of Germany.

Come and visit us! We show you how 3D printing works!

What can we do for you?

  • Production of Spares which are not available any more on the market.
  • Production of Prototypes for Moulding.
  • Production of special supports, holder, guides, housings, ...
  • Production of Ebonite / Hard Rubber Substitute parts.
  • Or a part of art.
  • With 3D printers you can produce parts in one piece, where you need more parts with Milling!
  • Or only design support (in SolidWorks)

There are so unlimited much possibilities and industries, who can use this new production technology 3D printing. Please do not hesitate to ask us! You will be surprised!

Your Team of 3D-Module

We are convinced of 3D printers from German RepRap and Young Optics Europe and are also producing with them ourselves!


MiiCraft+, our high resolution 3D printer for little filigran and high quality parts! Ideal for jewelry designers, dental usage, casting usage